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“Cathedral' By Raymond Carver is a very good and different story from the others that I have read. It doesn’t have any action or any other way to grab my attention. At first it seemed a little bland and he’s had a weird way of writing things. The characters’ constant repeating themselves when they talked I thought was a great weakness of the story. For me there was no need for it. I understated that that was supposed to be the way they talked back then, but it seemed to be very unrealistic. Also, I feel that “Cathedral' didn’t have a good plot. The story didn’t have enough conflict.

The voice and the way that the writer did the character voice was super. When reading it, I feel like I was actually in the room with them listening and engaging with them. The detail was there and the way he wrote their point of view was very well done. It did have the main character overcoming his prejudice and dislike of the blind man and learning how to relate to him. I think it was a really good to see the main character overcome his dislike of the old man and that was done very well. I liked the way that he seemed to not want anything to do with the man and how he extremely disliked him in the beginning. Through the night Raymond brought the two closer through a plausible and relatable encounter. It really helped me be able to look back over my life and, “I have been there. I can relate to that.'

I also enjoyed the depth and detail that the writer seamed to put in to focusing on the relationship between the blind man and the wife. I feel that he made it relatable for both genders, where they could go, “I have a friend like that and now I know why my significant other doesn’t like him or her very much.' The whole relationship between the wife and the blind man and the prejudice of the husband really made the story stand out in my mind as a possible read.

Now while the story was well written and had a very good voice too, the thing that bothers me the most was that it as a snap shot of one moment of the guy’s life. Though it was very well written I feel that it failed in its ability to become more than just an interesting read. It would have been nice to see what happened the next day or even is the husband and the blind man stayed in contact after his visit. I would also like to know how this experience changed the husband’s life. Although already relatable, I would have liked to see the use of a name. It would add that much to the story. All in all, I think the story was very well written with lots of detail and good characters but it had a few glaring points that I feel could easily been fixed.


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