Why I Write

I write for some of the same reasons as Orwell. I have a story and people need to hear it. I don't want my story to be considered an art."When I sit down to write a book, I do not say to myself, ‘I am going to produce a work of art’. I write it because there is some lie that I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention, and my initial concern is to get a hearing." (Orwell, Why I write) I am writing for justice to be served. However I want to be creative, literal, and political all at once. Yet, as a comedian I feel the need to humor and entertain with extreme sarcasm, parody, rhetoric, mockery, and riddles even though my story is to bring out political awareness to a huge problem. I write to say all of the things I didn't know how to say during an experience, and the opportunity within it can be a strong form of redemption. I write to reimburse society with facts and truth for the times when my voice was forcefully muffled and my character was demonized and lies developed at a rapid rate . Writing is something that can expose things that don't always get physically witnessed or caught on camera. Writing also educates or influences the reader. I admire and have disdain for these traits because the experience depends upon the author's agenda and purpose. Miseducation, foul moral propaganda, hate speech, unjust laws, and lies all gain a serious lifeform and spread like cancer once they have been written and distributed into our society. The justifications are written to protect the original thesis from those who may hesitate to agree.   I write to combat these forces and circumstances. Words are weapons, they can attack directly, indirectly, with demographic targets, persuasion, and indoctrinate the minds of our impressionable youth. So much can happen with writing. I feel my ultimate purpose is to share a story with readers   who may have or haven't experienced the same life journeys as me. I want to invoke memory for those who can relate and education for those who have no idea on the subject matter . When I do this I want them to get a   strong sense of who I really am and what really happened and how it affected me as a human being. I want to have the adoption of   some of my favorite authors. James Patterson's chapter flow ability, Triple Crown's urban realism, the shock and horror of Stephen King, and the comedy of Tim Dorsey, all rolled up into a masterpiece of my own design. I write to add an intellectual thought into a multidimensional situation, essentially throwing in my 2 cents. I also write because my mom birthed me in a hospital, got me a birth certificate and probably read somewhere that it just had to happen. I write to offer a   challenge to old ideas and inform others on popular misconceptions in our communities and societies.

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