Extra Credit Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to earn up to 50 extra credit points this semester.  Simply complete one or two of the assignments below, and turn them in to me via email by April 29th, clearly marked as Extra Credit.  Questions?  Just shoot me an email.

Option #1: Flash Fiction  
- Just like the flash essay assignment, but this time, fiction!
- No more than 2,000 words.

Option #2: Public Event Interpretation and Reflection (25 points)
- Attend a public event.  This might be a theater production, a concert, lecture, poetry reading, etc.
- Give me a thorough description of the event, what kind of audience, venue, who the speaker/performer hoped to reach.
- Write an analysis of what you think the speaker/performers' goals were, and if they were successful in the pursuit of those goals.  Why or why not?
- At least 500 words. No stupid events allowed.

Option #3: Literature Review
- Choose a piece of creative writing.   Must be something NOT assigned as reading for this course. This could be a short story you read online, in a magazine, a piece of poetry or a personal essay. The piece must be published somewhere (not a friend's novel).
- Give me an in-depth reading response of what you felt was the piece's strengths, weaknesses, and why you chose it.
- At least 500 words.