8 thoughts on “George Orwell’s “Why I Write”

  1. Benjamin Hayward

    I write because it is an efficient medium for traveling though time. Others writing, my writings, allows anyone to travel to the past, explore a certain timeframe, see it through 1st person or even 4th wall breaking experiences. I write because it allows me to articulate my thoughts to different forums a practice my rhetoric with. Writing, allows me to be a better speaker, to articulate my thoughts better. I write for business proposals seeking to convince others to support my endeavors with their money. Unlike Orwell, I don’t include politics in my writings, it always seems to be to polar a subject for recreational media.

    Like Orwell, I tried writing when I was little, I didn’t get much support for it. It was a simple story with a fighter pilot crashing and surviving, as this was the 90’s and my dad was a Vietnam Vet, so lots of the movies I grew up watching had this setting. I even made a bunch of character profiles. Turns out all of them were in their 50’s building them Role Play Games Style they were the Old Fats, Nearly all of them in their 50’s in order for it to be realistic and make sense. This is where I first learned about attention to detail and continuity.

    Another reason I write is to capitalize on fads and trends at the time. I released a string of Pokémon Go Power Level Guides when it was all the rage. I even had them translated into 10 languages and put on the ibooks store. They did not go much of anywhere, they are still setting there, but it is an official public work for technical writing I can put on my resume. I also put up an academic paper called Riddle of Style. I decided to limit myself to active as possible, limiting the articles the, an, of and linking verbs as much as possible. Quite frankly, I learned more about stringing words together with hat assignment than I did in all of Grade School. I also included Batman in my writing, and guess what? I still got an A from my English teacher who was not known for giving A’s, as she was a very rough teacher. To Ms. Hall, my hat is tipped to you, Ma’am.

    I write because this is a way for me to gain immortality throughout time. You see, heroes die, legends, they live forever. Academia is littered with written works from the past, from Hammurabi’s Code of law to the Rosetta stone, to even other written works hidden, such as the Dead Sea’s Scrolls. There is a reason everyone knows about Shakespeare and Di Vinci. Stephen King can write pages about a dinner plate, describing the mood, the light, the reason for the plates’ being.
    I write because words have power. The pen is mightier than the sword in today’s society for a very simple reason. The pen is relevant, with writing deciding budgets, wars, law, even contract agreements from work, to marriage, to death.

  2. Courtney Williamson

    My experience as a writer has been very colorful. I started when I had my first diary, and continued to write about everything. I think after twenty years of writing it has lead me to think that it is important to write down what is on my mind. Sometimes the important to do list or seemingly good ideas can be written down on a piece of paper to be later looked at, rather than forget what just popped up in your mind, can be very reassuring. I hope to gain more knowledge about writing, and how to do it correctly. I read a wide variety of books, but my favorite book series is The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. I used to own a couple of shelves worth of books full of comic books, manga, and of course the teenage girl starter pack with vampires and romance. Now, it has turned into a couple of video game books, a book about pirates and interesting intercourse. I loved reading R.L. Stine’s Goosebump books, my favorite one from that collection would have to be the Egg Monsters From Mars. I wish to read more and of course write more. I think one of these days I will write an amazing short story, but for now I think I will just learn how to type correctly, and cite my sources.

  3. Delaney E Reece

    I started writing somewhere between the 7th and 8th grade, after doing journals in class in which I mimicked and stole ideas that I liked from books that I’d read. At some point around this time the book Eragon came out, and the world was all abuzz with the fact that it was written by a 16-year-old. I remember sitting in the living room of my family’s old yellow house, home alone for some reason, and thinking to myself if a 16-year-old could do it then so could a 12-year-old. I began writing my first book in a black spiral notebook which has since been lost in some move or another, and thankfully it was not a very good book and was not going to be my breakout novel.
    At the start the reason why I write it was to prove that I could, it was to prove that I was good at something and that I had something to share. That is no longer my motive, and it was only ever my motive for that first book. When I started High School I met an English teacher who took me by the hand and let me write as I wanted and let me learn what I wanted to learn. she is the only person to have read my second novel in entirety. The second novel is one that I wrote for many reasons. At first, I was still trying to prove that I had skill and worth, but there was far more at stake this time around because in the time between these books I had become a whole grown person.
    I am an anthropology major, the small idiosyncrasies of humans are my favorite things in the world. I believe wholeheartedly that if we know enough about a person: their past, thoughts, ideas, ramblings, fears, etc then we can love anyone completely. I wanted to put people on pages that were real, that was not abnormal or particularly amazing, but we’re characters that readers could see themselves in. My goal this time in writing and from here on is to create something beautiful and believable and to make a reader love what feels like real people and places on the page.

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