Over the course of the semester, we will workshop  one piece of your original work.

What's workshop mean??
To "workshop" a story means that you will send out your original essays,  stories or poems to every member of the class.  Your classmates will read, make notes, and write you a response, giving you feedback on what worked for them, where they see improvement needed, and how they experienced the piece as a reader.

On the day creative writing pieces are due, you must have emailed it to me  (  no later than midnight.  I will then post workshop selections in the pages below the following morning. You'll have all week to read and provide thoughtful feedback to your classmates' work.  Post your responses as comments to each entry.

REMEMBER: Even if you're not being workshopped, you're required to email me your creative writing piece by the due date for full credit.  Everyone will do all three assignments, and will workshop one.

Personal Essay Workshops  - Due  June 10th

Poetry Workshops  - Due  July 1st

Short Story Workshops  - July 29th