Poetry #4 – Angela Rodriguez



Ice Cream

Cool and delicious

Tingles my tongue

Break ups, fired, rough days

You eat it when you stay at home and laze

Spoon fulls, pints, or gallon-sized tubs

You cannot exchange food for love

Sunny days, trips to the park

Waffle cone, cake cone or put it in a cup

Eat too much and you’ll throw up

Brisk walk and girl talks

Fuzzy blankets and fuzzy socks

Crying to chick flicks, hitting replay

No matter how rough the day

Milk, sugar, ice and salt

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry malt

Problem is, it is very fattening

When you start getting screwed over all time

Switch to non-fat


I wear your shirt because it smells like you

Comforting, Peaceful, Happiness

Isn’t crazy how a smell can bring you back in time?

It brings me back to my rosy cheeks and sweaty palms on our first date

Of drifting across the ice on my jeep

The same jeep we shared our awkward first kiss in

It reminds me of graduation night when you left me for the summer

And our first “I love you' under the California sun

It reminds me of driving through the orange leaves in the fall

And you warming my hands from the biting cold of the winter

I know it may just be a shirt to you,

But to me, it is a kaleidoscope of memories


Neighborhood Dogs

All day long I wait by the door for you

My ears perked

I’m alert

I miss you

I lick my paws, I chew on your shoes

Wish you knew that you’re my muse

I bark at the squirrels as they try and enter our home

I spin in circles, I chew on my bone


I hear the car pull up,

Your keys rattle

I pounce with joy

It’s really you, Oh Boy!


When you finally walk in, I bark, and I jump

Come over here, love me, play with your pup!

You shake me off your leg and throw me outside

It’s okay, we’ll play another time!



I wake up and do the same thing everyday

I am here all alone

I just want a hand to hold

But everyone else is stuck in space

So, I must waste my days away


I was in disbelief when she arrived

I was honestly terrified

Now I must protect her- day and night

She left without warning

I want to go where everyone else is

I don’t want to survive, I want to live


Short lived

Bright and sunny

All day and all night

Fades in slowly

Then disappears without warning

Lazy floats and Barbeques

Hiking, horseback rides, and bicycles too

Welcomed warmly after winters gloom

Months and months of ice and snow

scarily living at forty below

Uggs in the closet, snow board safely stored

Sun dresses and sandals

Pedicured toes and summer glow

Vitamin D and fresh cut grass

To this any Alaskan girl will gladly tip her glass

13 thoughts on “Poetry #4 – Angela Rodriguez

  1. Benjamin Hayward

    Ice Cream- I’m on a See-Food Diet. They say you need to eat to live, not live to eat, I think I’m failing.
    Tee-Shirt- I leave a sweater at home for the family while I am gone.
    Neighborhood dogs- This is how I would imagine a dog would think.

  2. Lilia Lundquist

    I liked how different all these were the one describing a love affair I found to be very personal and intimate with made me appreciate it more. I also though “a kaleidoscope of memories” was a lovely description. You somewhat lost me with the dog and the ice cream, these seemed a little simple compared to t=your other ones. I also thought the Alaska one was very clever.

  3. Kelsey

    I loved Neighborhood Dogs! It made me feel bad too though because I also get annoyed with my dogs’ high energy when I get home and send them outside. Their loyalty is so steadfast though and the last line “It’s ok, we will play another day” tore at my heart!

  4. Tometria Jackson

    I really enjoyed reading your poems. Except for ‘Eve’, I could totally relate to the sentiments you expressed in this delightful collection. I thought you perfectly captured the prevailing attitude of every dog in existence with ‘Neighborhood Dogs’. I also appreciated the effort you took to rhyme your poems. It’s a difficult task, and it lended a pleasing quality to your writing.

  5. Delaney E Reece

    I think that all of your topics are very good places to start. I must admit that you rhyming lost me, it was very heavy and came out to sing-songy at times where I could tell the mood was more serious. I think that less direct use of rhyme or less use of it overall might better hold attention on the meaning than on the word choices.

  6. nmfleming

    I found all your poems to be really good and well written they all had good imagery in them. I could relate to the T-shirt one, I’m that way with my boyfriend’s shirts. However, my all-time favorite poem was Short-lived. I just thought that it described living in Alaska quite well.

  7. Courtney Kisner

    I love the rhyming you incorporated, it made the poems very light and easy to read. I also loved the line, “kaleidoscope of memories”–if you were able to add more lines in like this, I think it would add some more depth to your writing. Also, I’m not sure if you wrote these because they connected in some way, but if they do, I think if you blended them with similar themes it would work really well, too. Great work!

  8. Shana Waring

    It was refreshing to see some positive, light-hearted poems. We all seemed to go a bit deep and dark for this assignment. You were able to provide just as much detail and interaction with fun summertime stories as anything else more “serious.” Eve was the was a great description of how parenthood changes our view on life. I really appreciated your account of the emotions heading into the unknown and the desire to live after life changes.

  9. Brenden Couch

    I enjoyed this collections diversity. From T-shirts and neighborhood dogs to others like them. In my mind those appear to be elements of life to most people so they are entertaining to read. Also I tend to love rhyming poems.

  10. Kait

    Your poems were very intriguing, each had its own meaning and some had a sense of mystery to me. Reading the poems with rhymes were really nice! Your rhymes really roll off of the tongue.


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